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ARI's Research Advisory Committee

All applications for funding of research projects are assessed by the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) before being approved for funding. The RAC is made up of 12 academic/professional researchers from the wider community. The ARI Executive Officer serves as secretary of the RAC.

Committee members (2009/10) 

A/Prof. George Smythe

Visiting Fellow, Bioanalytical Mas Spectrometry Facility, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW


Dr Bevan Hokin

Director of Pathology, Sydney Adventist Hospital.


Prof. Gillian Heller

Dept. Statistics, Maquarie University


Dr Tom Borody

Consultant Gastroenterologist
Director - Centre for Digestive Diseases


Dr Paul Race

Dean, Faculty of Nursing and Health, Avondale College


Dr Bruno Gaeta

Program Director - Bioinfomatics, School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW


Dr Robyn Pearce

Lifestyle Education, Visual Arts and Graphic Design, Avondale College


Dr Darren Morton

School of Lifestyle Education Visual Arts and Graphic Design, Avondale College


 A/Prof. Ross Grant (RAC Secretary)

Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney

Prof. Margaret Morris

Head of Pharmacology, UNSW