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Role of high potency omega-3 supplementation on oxidative stress, inflammation and MPO markers.


The omega-3 essential fatty acids have been linked to cardiovascular health since the 1970s. Although population studies and experimental evidence suggests that these bioactive molecules play a significant role in preventing cardiovascular disease, conflicting findings have been reported in the literature. This has resulted in inconsistent application of omega-3 supplementation in preventative cardiology. As the variable nature of the clinical endpoints used in essentially all of the clinical trials makes these studies susceptible to a number of confounding factors, additional data using objective markers of the effect of omega-3 on pathological activity is required. By examining the impact of omega-3 supplementation on markers of inflammatory activity and oxidative stress, it may be possible to more effectively evaluate the clinical efficacy of omega-3 supplementation.

Study Aims

  • To investigate potential quantitative changes in inflammatory and oxidative stress markers associated with omega-3 supplementation in a post-infarct patient population.


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