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A/Prof. Ross Grant 

B.Ed(Sc) MAppSc (Clin Chem) PhD (Pharm)

Dr Grant is a Biochemical Pharmacologist in the School of Medical Sciences University of New South Wales, Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney Medical School and Head of the Australasian Research Institute at Sydney Adventist Hospital. Dr Grant’s research focusses on characterizing, at the molecular level, how lifestyle and environment (e.g. emotional stress, diet and exercise), produce changes in the body’s biochemistry that lead toward either health or disease; including oxidative stress, inflammation and changes in NAD(H) metabolism.  A practical goal of this research is the development of a diagnostic profile that is able to identify early subclinical disease before irreparable damage to tissue has had time to occur.

Chief Executive Officer

P| 02 9487 9602; F| 02 9487 9626 


Co Investigators

Jade Guest, BSc, MPH - Research Officer, PhD student, UNSW

Belinda Pope, BSc, MSc - PhD student, UNSW

Chin Tung, BSc - Scientific Officer

Melissa Kwak - Medical and MRes student, UNSW

Christiana Leimena, PhD - Postdoctoral Fellow